Getting Directions to a Mission

  • On the map, click on the Mission's icon to display the popup details card.
  • Click on the "Get Directions" link on the details card.

Searching for Points of Interest (POIs)

  • Select a Mission from the dropdown list on the left of the map.
  • Using the "miles from" dropdown, select the desired distance from the selected Mission.
  • Expand the "Categories" list, and select the categories and/or subcategories to search.
  • "Results" are displayed beneath the Categories list.
  • Click on a tile in the results list or click on any of the blue circle icons to display the location on the map and the details card.

Using Standard Map Features

  • Click on the Legend/Layers button to select trails, facilities, and other amenities.
  • Click the Basemap button to switch between Streets or Hybrid view.
  • On the left of the screen, click the "+" button to zoom in on the map; click the "-" button to zoom out.
  • To find your current location, click the find my Location button *ICON.

Additional Help